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Kickstart your analysis and save time with our pre-built Accelerators for Tableau. Discover our pre-built dashboards here and customise them to your needs to get started faster.

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Accelerator: Executive KPI Scorecard

Analyze the critical data across your business in one scorecard. The Customisable Executive KPI Scorecard enables data from all across your business to be drawn together and displayed in a bespoke way for each intended audience.

Use simple plug-&-play options to build your own custom overview in minutes.

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tableau accelerator - sales cloud opps

Accelerator: Sales Cloud Opportunities

Get immediate insights in your sales performance. Build your own comprehensive sales dashboard and display your main KPIs and targets in minutes.

  • Pre-built: This Accelerator connects natively to Sales Cloud and enables all data to be drawn together and displayed in a bespoke way.
  • Plug-&-Play: No need to worry about dashboard design. Connect your data source and build your overview in minutes.
  • How-to included: We've included an adoption guide in the workbook
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