Virtual Training Replays

Rewatch our Online Training Replays

So, you want to rewatch one of our online trainings and skill-ups? How flattering. We are happy to take you on another deep-dive into core topics of Tableau. Let's go!

Rewatch Tableau Kickstart Training

We will take you through the basics of Tableau in 2 hours and show you the true power of data analytics and visualisations. You’ll get to know your data on a deeper level and gain insights that will drive business results through the roof.

Rewatch Skill-Up: Tableau Prep

Go through the basics of Tableau Prep in 2 hours and learn you the true power of self-service data preparation. Discover how you can enable users to understand and perform prep functions effectively, establish repeatable processes, automate them for efficiency, and ultimately build trust and confidence in the data for wider use.

Rewatch Skill-Up: Data Viz

Visualising data in a dashboard is easy. But doing it in a way that empowers your organisation to make better decisions fast and based upon a single source of truth isn't. Luckily, there's Tableau to make your life a whole lot easier. Rewatch this online training to learn best practices for building effective dashboards for your audience in Tableau.

Rewatch Skill-up: Embedded

Are you interested in an embedded analytics solution that can add powerful reporting directly into your applications, products, or web portals? If the answer is yes, this free online training is for you. This online Tableau Skill-Up will tackle all of the big questions you are asking yourself – what visual analytics features do my customers want? How do I make the most of my development resources? Do I build or buy? How do I get to market quickly with a partner I can count on?

Rewatch Skill-up: Tableau 2020.1

Tableau 2020.1 is here - and with it, the future of analytics. With significant updates such as Customizable Discover Pane for Tableau Desktop, Dynamic Parameters and significant improvements for Explain Data, the way your organisation interacts with data is rapidly changing. Join us on a replay of this online training on Tableau 2020.1 to see experts outline the innovations in Tableau that are bringing you closer to your data.

Rewatch Skill-up: Level of Detail (LOD) Expressions

In this free online training, you’ll gain insights into how LOD Expressions work, along with a more in-depth look at the different types of LOD Expressions and their respective use cases.

Rewatch Skill-up: Tableau Server

Learn how to leverage Tableau Server to access interactive insights from anywhere. This session will help to familiarize you with the main features of Tableau Server, enabling you to publish, share and administrate content.