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Visual Analytics for Everyone

We'll unpack in this webinar what it means to be an insights-driven organisation, demonstrate key explorer features & discuss Wall-to-Wall analytics with Tableau. During this on-demand webinar, we'll cover:

  • What visual analytics is
  • How to build an insights-driven organization
  • What Data Culture is and why it matters
  • And more...

Rewatch the on-demand webinar here?


Lots of companies are on a mission to create "insights driven organisations" to invest in improving their "data literacy" and to "democratise data" around there business and yet for 92% of businesses this has been frustratingly out of reach. 

During this session we'll help you assess the present state of your data culture, understand different mindsets, objectives and motivations, showcase key features to drive adoption and accountability and share some of our customers who give Tableau to every single member of their team.

Come along if you'd like to know more or reach reach out to our team directly for a private viewing.

Rewatch our webinar on Visual Analytics on-demand here. 👉

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