Everyone has access to great quality data, and everyone can get all the insights to do their job to the best of their capabilities. This is a game-changer for a company like Ocado. 

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Ocado Group is a technology-led global software and robotics platform business providing a unique end-to-end solution for online grocery around the world.

Tableau Data Visualisation

Ocado is the most famous online supermarket in the UK. People buy their groceries from Ocado every week and it gets delivered to their house. They were pioneers of online food shopping before the main supermarkets did delivery.

They are a technology company at heart with impressive processes, logistics and incredible warehousing technology and customer ordering technology. Ocado came to us because they decided they were sitting on such a throve of market data that they wanted to monetize it as a new product to FMCG’s.

- Joe Clarke, Country manager Biztory UK

Monetizing golden insights

Daniel Caroli, Team Lead & Analytics Consultant Biztory UK: “They decided to host all this data into a new business venture called Crunch Grocery Insights. On this platform, they sell access to embedded dashboards that help companies to understand how to sell better on Ocado. It enables their existing customers to understand more about their usage of the platform and their success on the platform in comparison to other suppliers.

Biztory created 30 workbooks with 85 dashboards containing sales data, coupon data, market shares, products that were removed from a shopper’s basket and what they were replaced with, promotions. FMCG's are not only getting access to this information for their own brands but for all brands in the same department. Of course, they are not sharing information that might go against trade legislation. At the price point, they are selling this, it’s kind of a no-brainer for FMCG’s to buy a license for these valuable insights.”

Live in 7 months

Daniel: “This was deployed at pace. We had the first meetings in May 2020 and by December 2020, so only 7 months later, they were already selling the first dashboards to customers. All mid-pandemic and all remotely without any face-to-face meetings. This was only possible because Ocado had a very clear vision of the kind of dashboards they wanted and what they should look like. There were short feedback loops, we were working with clean data from the start, and we worked closely with marketing who provide a branding guideline and style guide to create the look and feel of an app. With hindsight, we would’ve been able to go even faster if we had started with mock-ups and information architecture before building the first dashboards. But that’s why we learn from projects like these (laughs). Of course, we had to find a balance between moving fast and preparing thoroughly.”

Data power to the people

Daniel: “As Ocado had seen how easy it was to use these dashboards, and how powerful these insights were, they have decided to create similar visual analytics for internal use. Previously people were just sharing excel sheets and different dashboards build by different people. There wasn’t any data structure in place. To drive their data-driven efforts, they decided to buy a Site License. This allows all employees to have access to the full possibilities of Tableau. It’s no longer needed to manage different licenses or limit possibilities based on job roles – it gives a lot of peace of mind. Everyone has access to great quality data, and everyone can get all the insights to do their job to the best of their capabilities. This is a game-changer for a company like Ocado. In return, we negotiated an excellent license deal with Tableau.”

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