Luke Slater, Account Manager Biztory UK: “Zoopla sees itself as a technology company. Everyone who works for Zoopla is expected to be keen to use technology and data. They have data champions across the business with a central hub of a data team as a backup. Before our collaboration, they were using various tools without a joined-up prescribe data strategy or technology. They wanted to move away from Power BI and wanted a more self-service agnostic platform.”


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Zoopla is here to help people make intelligent decisions about their homes by digitising the home lifecycle. Whether renting, letting, buying or selling, changing homes is one of life’s biggest decisions. At Zoopla we know what a home is really worth. Our industry-leading data and powerful software make that clear. 

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The power of a Site License


“They have Redshift as a Cloud Data Warehouse, powered by Fivetran. On top of that, they are using Tableau for data visualization. Zoopla chose to get a Tableau Site License giving all employees analytics freedom. Thanks to this site license, every one of their 700 employees has access to the full possibilities of Tableau. It’s no longer needed to manage different licenses or limit possibilities based on job roles – it gives a lot of peace of mind. Everyone has access to great quality data if it’s not confidential, of course, and everyone can get all the insights to do their job to the best of their capabilities. This is a game-changer for a company like Zoopla. In return, we negotiated an excellent license deal with Tableau.”


Data-driven organization

Luke: “They considered this piece of functionality as an absolute minimum expectation for everyone in the business. Everyone should be able to type a question in plain English and get an answer back from their data. That’s why Zoopla gravitated straight towards the Site License. At Biztory, we love these kinds of customers that want to create a truly data-driven organization that goes way beyond some static reporting. Zoopla is a perfect example of that. They can now have better conversations with estate agents about the power of their platform.”

AI-powered dashboarding

Joe Clarke, Country Manager Biztory UK: “What is a game-changer for them is that they can now build automatic views with “Ask Data”. Ask Data lets you type a question in common language and instantly get a response right in Tableau. Answers come in the form of automatic data visualizations, with no need to manually drag-and-drop fields or understand the nuances of your data’s structure. These augmented analytics is a class of analytics powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) that expands a human’s ability to interact with data at a contextual level. From automated modelling to guided natural language queries, these augmented analytics capabilities are powerful and help organizations leverage their growing amount of data and empower a wider business audience to discover insights.”

What's next?

Luke: “On the customer-facing end, their vision is to provide real-live embedded data analytics to their estate agents about the properties they manage. How their property is comparing to other offers in the market, etc. Some might have over 1000 properties on Zoopla, so you can imagine that having this sort of information at your fingertips is super valuable.”

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