Head of Systems & Digital Transformation, Ruchit Gupta-Chaudary, came to Biztory to drive the data revolution of Long Harbour. Luke Slater, account manager Biztory UK: “Long Harbour is an investment company they are above all accountable to their investors. As a lean organization, with only 100 employees and a limited supply of resources, it was Ruchit’s challenge to collect all usable data within the organization and see how it could power better decisions.”

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London, United Kingdom


Long Harbour is a specialist real estate investment, development and management firm.  Uniting market leading expertise across a range of assets classes, Long Harbour generates attractive returns for investors whilst seeking to create buildings of lasting value through thoughtful design and exemplary stewardship.

Long Harbour has a proven track record of AUM growth across its three investment programmes; Secured Income, Multi-Family and Opportunistic.

Tableau Snowflake Fivetran

An extension of the team

“End of 2019, Ruchit comes knocking on our door. Long Harbour was looking into implementing Tableau but didn’t have a team to do that. Due to the finite resources available to his small team, Ruchit enlisted the help of Biztory to help extract value from one of the companies most underutilized assets - their data. He was looking for a partner that could take over the role of data center of excellence. Two years later, we can say that Long Harbour has essentially outsourced their data practice to Biztory.”

“Tableau is the analytics platform of choice for Long Harbour due to its ease of deployment, ability to quickly explore subjects of interest and the abundance of support available. We started with creating a series of ‘golden standard’ dashboards so the business could answer the most critical questions.”

Long Harbour can now claim to be one of the most data-driven Asset Management firms, using data to punch above their weight class, all the while having a lean operation.

Data confidence and ambitions grow

“The more we worked together, we increasingly became his sounding board for data challenges. It all evolved very iteratively. We built a suite of dashboards that Ruchit showed to executives and investors. They loved it and learned things about their business they didn’t know before. And from their new questions and insights emerged. And data confidence and ambitions grew.”

“We started with a simple database. Over time Ruchit took our advice to consolidate all data into Snowflake and import it through Fivetran. Because more data to play with means more insights, you can get out of the data set. One example is how made sure that Hubspot data is now part of the data mart. It’s notoriously difficult to get data out of Hubspot (laugh). By putting that data into Snowflake first and carefully organizing it there first, they can now do all sorts of classic sales analysis such as a customisable overview of the Sales Pipeline, enabling to quickly understand the state of play and adjust account management actions accordingly. Any other new tool they bring on, like Airtable, can easily be added to the datamart for even more powerful insights.”

“Other dashboards we created were automated internal financial reporting, reducing a manual task down from days of effort to minutes. We also created an investor feedback dashboard, articulating the value these key stakeholders derive from their relationship with Long Harbour.”

A friend of Biztory

“Importantly, all of these have been developed & deployed at pace during the pandemic, all remotely. By using Biztory as their outside data expert team, it allowed Long Harbour to stay lean and avoid unnecessary overheads in a financially unstable market.”

“The collaboration has evolved in such a way that Ruchit now brings his business challenges to us, and we hack out together how we can use data to find the needed insights for a solution. Our collaboration makes him look great professionally. He can now claim to be one of the most data-driven Asset Management firms, using data to punch above their weight class, all the while having a lean operation driven predominantly by Biztory. And for us, he is a wonderful customer with whom we have created an incredibly close relationship. He is the first customer to achieve a “Friends of Biztory” status.

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