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Seize your data webinar series (4/5):

AI-based customer insights with CRM Analytics & Revenue Intelligence

Watch our webinar to learn how to put data at the center of every customer relationship to deliver personalized experiences at scale. We'll cover:

  • The importance of a Customer 360 and delivering personalized customer experiences.
  • A deep-dive in Revenue Intelligence
  • A deep-dive in CRM Analytics
  • How to deliver personalized customer experiences at scale
  • Demo sessions
  • And more...

Learn how to deliver personalized customer experiences at scale


Research shows that 78% of customers are more likely to repurchase from companies that personalize experiences. CRM Analytics & Revenue Intelligence turn customer-facing teams across industries into trusted advisors that deliver a better, more personalized customer experience.

Discover how CRM Analytics and Revenue Intelligence provide deep insights into customer behavior for sales leaders, service leaders, and employees across any industry. Learn how AI-powered predictions and recommendations are infused directly in any customer workflow to improve customer experiences across the entire funnel and help you build brand loyalty.

Watch our webinar on-demand here. 👉

Speaker: Geoffrey Smolders

Geoffrey Smolders is the founder of Biztory, a leading European data consultancy with a focus on full stack modern data strategies.

With 100+ consultants all over Europe, Biztory is an award winning data consultancy, tech stack reseller and proudly backed by Salesforce Ventures.



picture geoff
Geoffrey Smolders

Founder & CEO, Biztory

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