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Data Trends for 2023

The big data analytics market is becoming one of the most compelling technology trends reshaping business processes and operations. As we are entering a defining era of analytics, Biztory is looking forward to the new year with the upcoming data trends for 2023. We'll dive deeper into: 

  • Where data and analytics is coming from
  • What the top trends are for 2023 and beyond
  • The importance of a Modern Data Stack
  • How to increase data maturity with a data culture
  • And more...

Take a deep-dive into the top 10 data trends for 2023


With more businesses implementing data-driven models and accelerating their digital transformation projects, both new and old trends in the world of data analytics are transforming the way businesses are run across the world. Some of the trends we'll cover are:

  • Trend #1: Cloud Technology
  • Trend #2: Modern Data Stack
  • Trend #3: Removing Data Silos
  • Trend #4: Data Mesh
  • Trend #5: Data Monetisation
  • And more...

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🕙 Time: 11.00am - 12.00pm CET
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