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How modern analytics helps retailers overcome current challenges

Watch this webinar to learn how retailers are using customer journey analytics to optimize supply chains for order delivery, boost average order size, reduce online cart abandonment and improve marketing ROI. We'll cover:

  • How the retail landscape is changing and the challenges that come with it.

  • How analytics can help retailers overcome these challenges.

  • How to implement these data-driven solutions.

  • What value data brings for retailers.

  • And more...

Build trust and brand loyalty with retail analytics


81% of consumers say that being able to trust a brand is a major consideration when deciding where to purchase a product. In today’s digital world, B2C customers have access to an overwhelming number of choices of where to purchase products. This makes turning new buyers into loyal customers a big challenge.

Retailers and E-commerce brands, however, also have access to an enormous amount of data and information today. Data that allows them to build better, more personalized customer experiences that ultimately will build trust with customers and increase brand loyalty.

Join Lex Pierik & Tony Kelly as they discuss how retailers are using customer journey analytics to uncover and optimize the cross-channel journeys that matter to your customers.

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Speaker: Lex

Lex Pierik is a Senior Analytics Consultant of Biztory, a leading European data consultancy with a focus on full stack modern data strategies.

With 100+ consultants all over Europe, Biztory is an award winning data consultancy, tech stack reseller and proudly backed by Salesforce Ventures.



Lex Pierik

Senior Analytics Consultant, Biztory Netherlands

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Speaker: Tony Kelly

Tony Kelly is a Senior Partner Sales Engineer at Fivetran helping companies finding their way in simplifying data movement for their modern data stack.

Fivetran is the automated data movement platform moving data out of, into, and across your cloud data platforms. With 99.9% uptime, self-healing pipelines, and 1.200+ employees world-wide, Fivetran is a leading tool for data inegration.

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Tony Kelly
Tony Kelly

Senior Partner Sales Engineer EMEA, Fivetran

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