When I first started in this adventure with Biztory & Tableau... I had no clue whatsoever how things were going to roll. I'm proud enough to admit that today. For those frowning people, obviously we created a business plan, marketing strategy, branding, a budget even... But as everyone at some point you just jump into this big ocean and try to swim faster than all the other fish.

And boy did we swim fast :) I'm proud of my team today and that we already grew to 6 people and are actively hunting for number 7 & 8. We have the best team ever. Period. I'll probably get comments that everyone is going to say this at some point but really I feel we have the best guys out there.

We're proud to be the biggest partner in Tableau and are moving fast on Alteryx. Halfway through this year I started to realize we moved passed from only doing the pretty standard stuff with Tableau but saw my team do the most insane things. We integrated with D3JS, we have natural query language integrated with Tableau, we are building customized portals, we are changing and forcing standard Tableau visuals to things I could not even believe were possible.
Every prototyping session, every dataset we get our hands on is transformed into a thing of beauty. I might sound a little arrogant but it's my perception when I see the Biztory team building things and sharing the same passion I have for making this company the best.

I thank you Kjell, Dirk, Timothy, Bjorn, Bart & Jessica (for the short period she helped us ;))

You guys rock data.


Geoffrey Smolders

Geoffrey Smolders

Co-Founder & CEO of Biztory

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