IDC stated that the Analytics market is reaching a $125 billion mark in  2015. Internet of Things (IoT) will be a critical next step in collecting data and analyzing it properly.

We've focussed a lot on centralized data governance and top-level decision making to steer your company into the right direction. Yet I feel that a (governed) decentralization shift is happening, and it's coming fast. We don't have the luxury anymore to make data decisions on a C-level only. Companies need to be able to make decisions in matters of hours, minutes and even split seconds. They need to adapt and have to be able to make important decisions on all management levels of the hiërachy.



Regional Sales managers, marketing managers and also Finance Controllers should be able to take fast and data-driven & supported decisions without consulting their C-level board. This creates a pressure on these persons to be able to think analytical and often more technical.

Data-driven decision making has to be supported by a governed de-centralization of the data. The decision making process will be shortened and analytic reports will have limited life spans. We often talk about a data democracy revolution. Where strong analytic solutions like Tableau will offer these organizations the possibility to analyse results in minutes on a decentralized level but still maintain a governed data approach.

Data is the new fuel of the organization, without a data-driven strategy supported by a decentralized decision making process I fear that companies will lose their built-up market advantage very fast.

(sources: IDC, Thomas Jefferson quote)

Original post by Geoffrey on Linkedin: Data-Driven World?

Geoffrey Smolders

Geoffrey Smolders

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