Don't get me wrong here. I clearly understand sometimes you have to talk about features. Showing off all the nuts & bolts that makes your software stand out to the competition. Let's throw it down to flavours.

That's basically how most software & integrators in the analytics world sell. Look at our big base platform, add some extra features on top of it? Sure! You can choose them all but it's going to cost you more. And wow look at us, we even have toppings of our own home-made solutions on top of this thing. Throw us some more money!

Features, features, come get your free features!

Again... Don't get me wrong. Ofcourse at Biztory we also have features to show off and our own home-made toppings to bring to the table. But I like to handle things different: avoid being in a feature contest. I can exactly tell you what our competitors can't or can do. I even can exactly name you every tiny feature of our partners Tableau & Alteryx. Will I win the deal with this approach? Maybe.

Say NO to Fact Sheets!

I'd rather ask my potential customer two simple questions. Look beyond all those features, forget about all the tiny details and comparison fact-sheets. I'll ask you this:

  • Did our solution help you find the right answer?
  • Secondly, did you find it easy to get to your answer?

That's it. No more than that. What more does your customer need? I'm always happy to hear your thoughts.

Geoffrey Smolders

Geoffrey Smolders

Co-Founder & CEO of Biztory

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