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Last week, the Biztory team attended the 8th annual Tableau conference, also known as TC15. During this conference, Tableau fanatics from all over the world come together to live a fantastic experience around their favorite piece of software. Over 12000 people attended this year's edition, with some great new features that will become available in Tableau 9.2 being revealed. Stay tuned for more posts about these features coming very soon.

Now, being the data freaks that we are, the Biztory team decided we couldn't head to the Tableau conference without producing at least one Tableau Public viz about the event. During the 23 hour travel to Las Vegas, where the conference took place, discussions were being held as to what the subject of this viz should be. As we are all raging alcoholics (our jobs are awesome but also very busy), we decided that a dashboard of our beverage consumption would be a good idea.


We gathered the data the "old skool" way, just by writing down whatever we'd drink during the day, and night. As you may guess, tracking our consumptions may have gotten slightly more difficult in the latter period, but we managed. Meanwhile, during the conference, we worked on the viz and updated the data day to day. Now guess what... It seems that we've been good boys after all! Notice how the category "soft drinks and water" tops out the other ones:


2015-10-28 20_36_00-Biztory @ TC15 - TimothyVermeiren _ Tableau Public But not if you add up beers and cocktails.


In the end, we've learned a lot during the day, met some great people who love Tableau during the night, and had a great time in general. Have a look at the final outcome of the viz we've created just below! Click the image of the viz open it in Tableau Public and interact. Find out who on the team really needs their morning coffee, and what were the most popular cocktails during the nights out.


Click me to interact! Click me to interact!



Timothy Vermeiren

Timothy Vermeiren

Analytics Domain Lead at Biztory, and DataDev Ambassador. Tableau Iron Viz 2018 Global Champion, Tableau Ambassador 2020-2021, Tableau Certified Consultant & Architect. He runs in his spare time & plays various musical instruments.

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