Haven't we all been searching our ideal hotel room online hoping to find the best match?

I sure have!

When I was searching for my ideal room, I was wondering why websites like AirBnb or Booking.com don't integrate touristic data from sites like f.e. Tripadvisor. This way, it would be easier for us to find a room that is close to the type of attractions that we would like to see. Of course, it should also be possible to specify the normal parameters like price and number of nights into our quest.

I opened Tableau, pulled some data from AirBnb (thank you insideairbnb.com!) and merged this with the top tourist attractions according to Tripadvisor. These attractions are classified according to type of attraction (nature, shopping, ...). The scope of my search was the city of Amsterdam.

Alteryx was used to calculate the distance from each room to the city centre and all the other attractions. This data was used as a basis for the dashboard below. Set the price, the number of nights, the type of accommodation, the number of reviews and the type of attractions that you would like to visit, and the dashboard will do the rest. The best possible match for you is shown on the map.

Using this dashboard, the struggle of finding a perfect room in an unknown city becomes child's play!

Hope you guys enjoy this dashboard and let me hear your thoughts!





Matthew Miller

Matthew Miller

Co-Founder of Biztory.

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