It all started in the beginning of August when I came across a LinkedIn post of Tableau with the following title:

"We want YOU to help us design our new T-Shirt!"

The message on the website of Tableau was clear and simple. Take these blank T-shirt designs, be creative and tweet us your result!

The Biztory design process could begin! Our design needed 2 main elements.

  1. Some sort of connection with the concept Tableau User Group
  2. A rocket (we just really like rockets)

By using our internal Biztory Slack channels, I could test the different designs and approaches and get feedback from the entire team.
The very first version looked like this:

First TUG tshirt design

At that moment I was still doubting about the text on the front of the T-shirt. Some other possibilities were:

  1. Tableau is not rocket science, but I sure do love it
  2. Tableau, it isn't rocket science

My Biztory colleagues voted for the best and it resulted in staying with the original "The data is our there".
The next remark was "Maybe it would make it even cooler if you added a background that looks like space"

This gave us the following result:

Second TUG tshirt design

During the improvement of the first design, there was an alternative that was not so popular... This alternative looked like this:

Alternative TUG design

There were multiple reasons why people didn't like this one so it was scratched pretty quickly, but let's not lose our focus and continue with the improvement of the first design!
The first design already contains one of the two main elements, now we just need to add a connection to the Tableau User Groups.
Some of the options to add this link were the following:

Link design to TUG

After a last voting round, we had our final result and we could officialy send out a tweet to enter the race:

Original tweet TUG

And after a few months we received the following amazing news!

Twitter response of Tableau

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