As you may know, there is no built-in way of drawing lines between sheets or objects on dashboards. There are several workarounds, such as the following:

To be honest, I find that these methods are quite cumbersome, and none of those is a robust or durable way that works every time. In this post I'd like to present an alternative way, which I found works easily in all cases I've used it. Imagine we have the following simple dashboard:

Example dashboard

Note that the dashboard is built using vertical and horizontal layout containers, which is a requirement for this technique to work well (see image below). If you're not familiar with layout containers, here's a few links which can help you understand:


Now, the trick here is very simple. We'll use a text object, of which:

  • The contents will be left emtpy.
  • The width or height will be set to 1px.
  • The background Shading will be set to the right color.

So basically, here's the steps in an animation:


And  the result when having added one vertical and one horizontal separator:



Quite simple isn't it? Now remember though - overusing separators wouldn't be a good way to go, even now you know this great technique. Most of the time, using white space (the Blank object) is a great alternative, also bringing the right balance and structure to the dashboard. Experiment away!

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