Data: it’s what we do at Biztory. Our clients look to us to provide world-class analytical minds and industry-leading analytical tools. We are therefore constantly on the lookout for brilliant people who are passionate about just that: helping others find answers in data, easier and faster.

Earlier this year, we met a team in the UK where every member fit that description. We are delighted to announce that Promatix, a Tableau partner consisting of six experienced, certified analytics consultants, has entered into an agreement to join Biztory. This transaction is expected to finalize in Q3 2019.

In 2015, two experienced data professionals founded Promatix, and the team has built a reputation for excellence in consulting and training around Tableau. Biztory, a part of the Cronos Group, shares the same ethos and approach: excellence in analytics, outstanding customer care, and deep expertise in the Tableau platform. Adding the Promatix team to Biztory gives both Promatix and Biztory clients a much wider and deeper pool of expertise to ensure success in their analytics projects.

“When I first met the Promatix team, I was immediately struck by how much they resemble what we call the Biztory Way,” says Matthew Miller, Biztory Group Managing Partner. “They are passionate about analytics, committed to delivering excellent work for their clients, and eager to develop themselves and to be the best at what they do. Joining our teams provides immediate depth of expertise to Biztory’s growing UK client base while expanding the capabilities we can offer to Promatix’s existing customers.”

“In 2015, we set up Promatix with the expressed aim of providing the best Tableau consultancy and training in the United Kingdom. in January we were named the Tableau Customer Enablement Partner of the year for 2018," says Chris Dickson, co-founder of Promatix. "On meeting the team from Biztory, we realised our goals and ambitions were aligned. The opportunity to become part of something so exciting and ambitious was something we had to explore, so becoming part of Biztory UK is for us the natural evolution of what we have built at Promatix!”

The combined team will be led by Biztory UK Managing Director, Joe Clarke, and will be fully integrated into the European-wide Biztory team. This group, nearly 40 strong, will together provide our clients with an expanded depth of skills and expertise.

For more information about the acquisition, contact Matthew Miller, Biztory Group Managing Partner, at

Matthew Miller

Matthew Miller

Co-Founder of Biztory.

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