About a year ago we decided to partner up with the wonderful people at Fivetran after carefully evaluating various players on the market. Fivetran quickly stood out for us. Their platform, technical capabilities, and wonderful partnership mindset gave them the edge.


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At Biztory we've always treated our partnerships with our vendors on the same level as we would treat our customers and our own team. It's essential for us to be a top partner with any technology we work with. With Fivetran, we immediately noticed that we have shared values amongst each other. They mention integrity, initiative, and one dream-team which matches seamlessly with the values from Biztory on resilience, belonging, and focus.

Fivetran is the easiest way to load data in your data warehouse.

Their focus is on analytics and not data engineering. Deploy their solution with our first customers has gives us nothing but raving feedback. Their seamless connectivity to apps and databases with pre-built schemas just makes life so much easier.

Biztory named Fivetran EMEA Partner of The Year

We couldn't be more humbled and proud. In our first year working with Fivetran receiving this award is truly the icing on the cake. In our partnership, we shared lots of laughs, shared technical depth, relentless focus, and the same passion: Putting people of our customers at the center and making their lives easier with amazing technology. 

Thank you to the whole Fivetran team, you all individually have been above and beyond for us. Special shout out to Eleanor Thompson, our Alliances Manager, your dedication and optimism has gotten us where we are today. On to many more years!

Geoffrey Smolders

Geoffrey Smolders

Co-Founder & CEO of Biztory

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