Implementing a Modern Data Stack will be a valuable but significant change for your business and your teams, so it will need to be carefully managed in order to ensure a successful, efficient, and fully adopted solution. 

A recent McKinsey study showed that 70% of all large scale transformation projects end in failure. And this can de due to a number of reasons. such as:


  • A lack of clear goals
  • A lack of internal buy-in
  • Rushing timelines
  • Pressure on internal resources
  • Unclear strategy for change management
  • Low adoption of new technologies

But, over time we've developed an approach which seeks to limit the opportunities for failure and ensure successful digital transformation for the businesses we work with.

In short, a phased approach is best.

Splitting an implementation of the Modern Data Stack into phases and deploying the technologies in this way, offers the best possible opportunity to course correct and adapt as new information is learned throughout the process.

With extensive experience implementing Modern Data Stack technology, for businesses of all sizes across a wide range of industries, we have developed a 4 phase process to ensure a successful outcome for your business.



Assess, Map and Integrate

This is the most important phase of implementing a Modern Data Stack for your Business, and our ENGAGE Lab has been developed to ensure this crucial stage goes smoothly.

This phase is all about scoping the project, mapping your end solution, and providing immediate value by empowering your team with knowledge.



Load and Transform

This is where your tech stack really takes shape. Once this phase has been completed, you'll have access to all of your data in Snowflake from an initial load, and an ongoing pipeline powered by Fivetran. Once it is in Snowflake we'll also set to work transforming your data into a format that is ready for analysis in Tableau.

Here is where we start to build out your tech stack, connect your data sources, map responsibilities and tailor our support to ensure you get the fastest return on investment. 



Integrate Analytics

Once your data is clean, stored, secured and ready for analysis, this stage is all about motivating and engaging your teams with the process, and demonstrating the value offered by taking a data driven approach. This in turn nurtures an overall culture of data for your business.

This phase looks to understand the requirements of all key stakeholders and user groups and put the right data, in the hands of the right people, at the right time. 



Go Live!

Now that you have live data visualisations, and can see your data stack working for you, this stage is all about successful adoption.

Finally this is where we drive tool adoption and user development. 

Once your custom solution is built and pushed live, your business and your teams will need to have a change management and training plan in place to ensure you see the value from all your investments into the project. 

This phase is the key to the ongoing success of your digital transformation. 


Learn more about each phase


To gain more insight into each stage of our process, and highlight the actions involved, estimated timelines, and the overall goals for each, download our helpful infographic on Building the Modern Data Stack with Biztory.

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Arend Verschueren

Arend Verschueren

Head of Marketing at Biztory

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