Last year Biztory saw a year of unprecedented growth as record numbers joined our team. With continued discussion surrounding diversity and gender in technology industries, we shift our focus to take a deeper dive in understanding more about our female team members. 

Let's dive into the data

We're proud to have 23 fantastic female data professionals as colleagues today at Biztory! There's much more to learn about the wonderful women of Biztory. Click on the image below to open the full infographic! 

Womens Day - Celebrating Biztory Women - 1080x1080 - Data Viz - v2We invite you to explore our interactive infographic that celebrates the women of Biztory! 

Thanks for the awesome Viz!

This data visualisation was done with the help of several Biztory colleagues. Thank you for designing the visualization, collecting the data and, building & embedding the infographic. 

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Sam Parsons Donna Coles Ashleigh Trinh Praveen Sam


Want to join our great team?

We are looking for people with all backgrounds, experience levels, and a passion for further development.

Be part of the data revolution. At the heart of every significant change is a great team that does incredible things by working together and pursuing excellence. 

Reach out to Biztory's talent acquisition team via LinkedIn.
Sam Parsons

Sam Parsons

Tableau Visionary | Iron Viz 2021 Global Runner-up | Biztorian | SW England TUG Leader | #CertifablyTableau | Adobe AI & AE Pro Certified

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