Like any powerful software, Tableau can be dangerous in the right hands. However, leveraging the tool to maximise return on investment (ROI) requires bringing people along for the journey. And as the saying goes, 

"a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."     

Ensure this first step–nay stride–is a confident one. Our data coaches can play a pivotal role in ensuring individuals and teams use the tool effectively by supporting learners through their first dashboard implementation.

To bring the concept to life, put yourself in the shoes of a hypothetical delegate who has just completed Tableau Desktop training. Let's call him Joe. Now Joe is an attentive guy. But with twenty-four hours of content delivered over three days, Joe is struggling to recall the difference between groups and sets. Joe also wishes he had had his morning coffee when the class looked at row level and aggregate calculations at the start of day two. 

Challenge #1: Eat, sleep, learn, repeat.

This brings us to the first of three challenges: Recalling everything covered over nineteen modules, even for an intelligent guy like Joe, is a challenge. Because let's face it, it takes repeated exposure, over and over again, to cement learning.

With seven years of experience in the finance department, Joe's team can count on him to deliver the quarterly expense report. Provided, the data lands in an Excel from a colleague who 'gets that stuff.'

Challenge #2: Complimentary Skills

This brings us to the second challenge—namely, the associated skills required to work with data. You see, data modelling is all new to Joe. Yes, training covers the different types of joins in Tableau. Applying the correct type, however, depends on the specific use case. Nailing this is crucial to producing accurate and reliable analysis.

Challenge #3: Confidence is Crucial

The third hurdle is more subtle yet no less important. And that is confidence. Attempting a different approach, having used a tried and tested method, requires patience and persistence to overcome the inevitable hurdles. Having an experienced hand to guide learners can be the difference between a failure to see a ROI and enablement within the wider organisation. 

About Biztory's Dojo training style

Our dojo-style training is designed to address these issues over the course of several weeks, with an emphasis on taking classroom theory and putting it into practice with project-based learning. This is alongside masterclasses addressing topics not covered in training, workshops allowing for play and experimentation on publicly available datasets, and 1-2-1 sessions catering to individual learning styles.    

For more information on how a tailored program can meet learners where they are with personalised masterclasses, workshops and 1-2-1 sessions, please speak to a member of the team. 

Norman Mangera

Norman Mangera

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