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The Long Harbour are specialists in real estate investment, development & management. Ultimately they create and maintain desirable properties for thousands of tenants, whilst delivering growth to their investors.

Head of Systems & Digital Transformation, Ruchit Gupta-Chaudary is tasked with driving innovation
through the use of technology. Due to the finite resources available to his small team, Ru enlisted the help of Biztory + Tableau to help extract value from one of the companies most underutilized assets - their data.

Tableau is the analytics platform of choice for Long Harbour due to its ease of deployment, ability to quickly explore subjects of interest & the abundance of support available. With the help of the team at Biztory, a series of business-critical dashboards have been developed.

Giving a new perspective on key areas of the organisation, including …

  • A customisable overview of the Sales Pipeline enabling tea members to quickly understand the state of play and adjust account management actions accordingly.

  • Automated internal financial reporting, reducing a manual task down from days of effort to minutes.

  • Investor feedback, articulating the value these key stakeholders derive from their relationship with Long Harbour.

Importantly these key benefits have been developed & deployed at pace, all the while keeping the Long Harbour team lean reducing unnecessary overheads.

- Luke

Matthias Goossens

Matthias Goossens

Director of Operations at Biztory.

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