Q: Why did Jobcloud initially choose Tableau?
A: Our initial introduction to Biztory was through Tableau. We were looking for a 1:1 partnership with an organisation to kick start our learning and expertise in building gold standard dashboards that use best practices.

Tableau has become the reporting tool of choice at Jobcloud, I very rarely see anything else being used. There are a few cases where Salesforce Reporting is used with some pockets of typical Excel usage existing.

Q: Did you evaluate any other tools before choosing Tableau?
A: When we were choosing our data visualisation tool we looked at Tableau and Qlikview. We assessed both against our requirements and in the end Tableau was able to achieve almost all of our needs which made it the best and most logical choice for us to invest in.

Q: Do you have an example of the value Tableau has brought in the past few years?
A: One use case, which is still being iterated and perfected is based upon our ERP system.

When a customer is later with a payment, greater than 30 days for example, we need to identify who to follow up with. We created a report based upon our ERP system. These dashboards are used by our finance team and account managers to see who is late and how late they are. This information is invaluable to us so we can keep track of any late payments but also enables us to keep an open line of communication with our customers to ensure they are able to catch up with payments and continue to be a great customer of ours.

Q: Why did Jobcloud choose Biztory as their Tableau partner?

A: After we were initially introduced to Biztory, we very quickly learned that as an organisation Biztory was small, boutique and personable. We really valued and appreciated that as we were not looking to mandate or work with a big organisation on this project.

The consultants we started working with (i.e. Bjorn) were extremely knowledgable and very pragmatic. We love that we are always able to reach someone if a problem were to arise and there is a swift and helpful response in a timely manner.

I hadn’t personally heard of Biztory. I was very suddenly involved in the administration of the Tableau Server and license management due to an urgent issue with the access levels and keys. I was an end user initially but I was given the task to fix these issues with our licence keys.

We couldn’t locate the correct keys as there was a mismatch between what we could see and what was being seen by Tableau so I was not able to fix it myself. I obtained contact details of our Biztory Account Manger from my Tableau colleagues. By working together with the Biztory Account Manager, and their Customer Success Manager, the issue was swiftly resolved.

Q: What has it been like working with Biztory
I have been really impressed with the way we have been able to collaborate with Biztory. We have an open line of communication between internal staff and external consultants from Biztory which is of huge advantage as we are able to all work together to solve issues and progress as an organisation.

The support we need is always there, and it stays there until we have a resolution. Going back to my previous exampe around our licence keys, we didn’t know the users, our keys were expiring, we hadn’t managed these issues before so we really needed help and I am so grateful and glad that Biztory were there to help and make the resolution as straightforward as possible for us.

That’s why I also scored Biztory so high.

You made it clear that we will fix it together, and you stayed until it was really fixed + until I understood how to continue by myself.

This is why we work so well together!
The second element is the information you gave us in the past 2 months. Our eyes have been opened with Tableau Blueprint; we have been able to see what is possible, but we don’t have to do it until we are ready. We have the opportunity to go in the direction we want to go.

We have grown our partnership so much that we don’t have to pay for every little thing which for me as a user and administrator is an amazing feature of the level of cooperation we have. If I needed to asked for budget for every little question or thing that we have needed help with, the conversations could become difficult, but Biztory understands that if we are successful we will be in a close collaborative partnership where we are both successful.

Q: Do you have any tips for another company looking to get started with Tableau? Would you do anything differently when you could start over again?
A: I have been working with Tableau as a tool for a year and a half now, however I am new to the admin tasks around Tableau.

I think it is a really good idea to spread the ownership of the platform in different parts as early as possible. Make sure there are good channels for communication. Having a collaborative approach to building dashboards and reports, how to best work with the tool, who has what level of knowledge so everyone know where to go, will help your organisation’s proficiency grow by allowing people to share as much as possible.

In hindsight, there are things that we could have done better. A lot has been implemented by our CFO as he drove the project forward as soon as he got on the job. We are now in a place where the role of taking care of the platform, advocating the platform, and championing Tableau internally should be distributed within the organisation as we see our user numbers grow.


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This testimonial from Jobcloud was created with consent during an interview with Ulric Rudmalm.

Matthias Goossens

Matthias Goossens

Director of Operations at Biztory.

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