Accelerators provide you with a starting point for your analysis and can help you save time with the fundamental calculations, sheets and dashboards pre-built, supporting you in understanding your data faster. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced Tableau user accelerators can help you make the most of Tableau's powerful features faster.

About the Sales Cloud Accelerator

The Accelerator for Sales Cloud Opportunities provides sales and success leaders with a clear picture of where the opportunities are in their business so they can make critical decisions about where to focus time and effort, supporting their decision making process.

This Accelerator connects natively to Sales Cloud and its insights include overall performance, pipeline and distribution of open opportunities across the sales funnel, customer base and lost opportunities.

In this blog we will  guide you through the steps of downloading and adopting the workbook. 

Sales Cloud Accelerator Workbook

1. Download the Accelerator

Using this link you can review the required data attributes this accelerator needs. The download button is in the top right corner.

2. Adopting the dashboard

For you to adopt this workbook you will need to do the following:

Step 1: Click on the data source pane in the bottom left

Step 2: This will trigger a Salesforce login authentication in your default browser. Log into your Salesforce Org

Step 3: By default Tableau will connect to the following tables in your Salesforce Org. Opportunities | Account | Owned by

Step 4: You may need to 'replace references' within the workbook. For instance, the Accelerator contains references to the field "Industry" you may not have an Industry object in your org. You may instead have "Sector" for example. In this case you will see a red exclamation mark next to the Industry field. To remove this you'll need to add a new sheet, right click on the field with the exclamation mark, select the option, 'replace references' then select the most relevant field in your org. The same may occur with numeric values, such as "Amount", in your org this could be 'Deal Size' if this is the case, repeat the process and replace the unused field with the field from your org. More can be found about replacing references here

Using your dashboard

The dashboard is best used in presentation mode, enter this by pressing F7 or by clicking the presentation button at the top of the screen.  Once you've entered the presentation, you can use the dashboard images to navigate the workbook, including opening the Adoption Guide that can be found on the "how to use" page. 

Once you've read this page, this should set you up to begin working with your dashboard. In the video below I talk through these steps and give you some useful hints for using the dashboard.

Here's a quick video on setting up the accelerator on Tableau Desktop. 👇

Using Tableau Online? Here's how to update your data. 👇


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