We’re at the dawn of a new age for analytics. A time where technologies like generative AI, machine learning, the Internet of Things (IoT) and automation are changing the way we work with data on a daily basis. And this change is happening fast, leading to a bigger-than-ever-before performance gap between organisations that successfully leverage data and organisations that don’t.

There’s no more way around it. Everywhere you look in the tech landscape, words like “AI” and “Machine Learning” are popping up. That’s no different for the data tech landscape - where Tableau recently announced both Tableau AI and Tableau Pulse: the next generation of analytics with Tableau that will make data analysis as simple as asking a question.

Let’s dig deeper…

What is Tableau AI?

Tableau AI - previously known as Tableau GPT - is Tableau’s generative AI solution to help more people find answers in their data. It is powered by Einstein, which is Salesforce’s AI to make sure their portfolio of products get smarter.

A big benefit of Tableau AI is that it will bring generative AI natively to the Tableau user experience, to help users with smart, personalised and contextual insights right in their day-to-day workflow.

What is Tableau Pulse?

Tableau Pulse is what pushes these smart, personalised and contextual insights into the everyday workflow of analytics consumers. It aims to transform the way everyone in your organisation uses data to drive impactful decisions.

That takes it beyond business and data analysts. Tableau Pulse brings data to the fingertips of users who don’t have time to learn new analytics tools, but still need to understand the “why” behind the data to make better, data-driven decisions.

How will Tableau AI make data-driven insights more accessible with generative AI?

There’s two main target audiences for Tableau AI: data analysts on the one hand and business analytics consumers on the other.

For data analysts, Tableau AI will revolutionise the way you work with data. Imagine a tool that not only automates the tedious aspects of data analysis, preparation, and governance but also guides you along the way. Bye bye repetitive tasks that bog you down!

And it gets even better; With the magic of generative AI, Tableau is bringing you a whole new level of convenience. Now, you can work with data in plain English, get suggestions for the most suitable charts and visualisations, and even have data source descriptions generated automatically. Yes friends, the future is now!

So, what does that all mean for analytics consumers? Analytics consumers, too, want to distil those complicated datasets into meaningful, easy-to-understand insights that make your decision-making process a piece of cake.

Tableau AI is all about delivering those insights in a way that’s easy to understand for you. Moreover, it goes beyond simply answering your questions. Tableau AI aims to anticipate them, guiding you to those “aha”-moments even faster.

How will Tableau Pulse bring those data-driven insights to life?

Tableau Pulse is where these data insights will come to life - a reimagined data experience that is all about giving you smart, personalised, and contextual insights right where you need them.

With a ‘newsfeed’-like experience, Tableau Pulse brings the data, KPIs and insights relevant to you directly into your flow of work. And as you use it, Pulse learns your preferences, delivering increasingly personalised results.

tableau pulse

Another challenge solved with Tableau Pulse is the fragmentation of your data tools - making it harder to share insights, knowledge and keeping track of your key metrics and KPIs.

Tableau Pulse ensures that data is available right where you work, seamlessly integrated into your existing tools. No more missing critical insights because you weren't in the right app at the right time.

In short: Tableau Pulse is here to help you make better, faster decisions without having to do tedious manual data analysis. It brings AI into the picture to automate analysis and communicate insights in plain language back to you. Predicting questions you might ask, even ones you haven't thought of, so you can go beyond the “what” and get to the “why” easier, faster.

If you want to see both Tableau AI & Tableau Pulse in action, watch the full demo here.

Arend Verschueren

Arend Verschueren

Head of Marketing at Biztory

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