Hello and welcome to a new features update, 
I will be looking into some exciting new features of Tableau 2021.3,


Axis Animation in Tableau Desktop and web authoring

Gain a higher visual indication of numerical axis ranges shifting, allowing you to absorb changes in your data much faster.

In the example below, shifting through the year filter now shows a smooth transition in the axis ranges, making scale changes more noticeable:

Scatter Plot moving

To apply this feature, go to Format → Animations, ensure animations are turned on, and set your preferred speed.

Animations menu


Updated Action Dialog Box in Desktop

A small but slick change; that action dialog box from the web is now available in Desktop! :

Updated Action Dialog Box in Desktop

Edit filter action

Server and Web Authoring Improvements

Reorder Tiled and Floating objects in the item hierarchy list.

Organising and handling objects within containers has become much easier in web authoring.

You can drag items into other containers or move items within the same containers.
See how easy it is to switch the position of sheets in the dashboard below:

Reorder tiled objects

Improved Filter dialog box in web authoring

You can now enjoy the same filter control functionalities in web authoring as you do in desktop, allowing you to have further control and flexibility of what data you and your users want to see. 

This looks slightly different than in desktop, but provides you with the same great functionality:

Improved filter possibilities

(Get out of my) Personal Space

Personal Space


Tableau 2021.3 introduces Personal Space, a place where you can store your drafts, private workbooks, or simply experiment. You can also move your workbooks out of your personal space once you are ready to share. 

Rename published data sources

Another small but mighty change; you can now rename published data sources in Tableau Online / Server. 

Once you refresh the data source in a workbook that uses the published data source, the name in there will also be updated accordingly. 

To do this, select the more actions icon → Rename.

Renaming Published Data Sources


Have fun with these great new features and improvements!
Until next time,

- Armani

Thinking of taking one of the Tableau Certifications? We explore the benefits...

Currently, there are 3 levels of certification offered by Tableau:

  • Tableau Specialist
  • Tableau Certified Associate
  • Tableau Certified Professional

All 3 exams are available for Tableau Desktop and the 2 Certified exams are available for Tableau Server. Certifications are valid for 3 years from the date that the title is achieved, this means you have time to learn all of the amazing new features of the Tableau Platform between your exams.

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