Welcome to a new features update for Tableau. Here we'll be looking into some exciting new features of Tableau 2022.4.


Image Role

With the new image role feature, images can be stored as text within columns containing URLs which point to web images. This allows images to be encoded as row or column headers.

The URL must point to image files with extensions: PNG, JPEG or JPG.

The new capability helps to keep workbook sizes from becoming too large, hence easier to maintain and share.

Here is a example data set:

The image links were obtained by right clicking an image and selecting Copy address.

This was then pasted into a sample data set.

Now the image field is available, it must be set to have an image role of URL. This can be done by right clicking >> Image role >> URL.

The data type image will change to the image icon:

This can then be used on rows or columns as follows:


 Filter to fewer than 500 images and ensure each image file size is less than 128kb

 The image sheet can also be used in a viz in tooltip!

This can be done by simply inserting the sheet in the tooltip as usual.

Viz in Tooltip:

Replace data source

In 2022.4, you now have the option to replace a data source per sheet!  

This is great at preventing a lot of red fields, replacing fields, or sometimes having to recreate a view again.

The option can be accessed from the data menu or the data connection section in the data pane.

Example - I would like to replace the Clothes data set with Clothes New:

The image role set back to default, so I adjusted this to point to the URL again, the view is then easily adapted. The data has been adjusted and this did not affect the tree map in any way.

Proper text function

With the PROPER()  function, there is no need to do long workarounds to get a starting capital letter followed by lower case letters:

Web Authoring Improvements


Hyperlink Text

Another great improvement is the ability to hyperlink text within the edit text box.

This is available via the edit text box which could be in the dashboard title, a text box object and a worksheet sheet title.

Formatting improvements on the web

Number and date formatting can now be accessed from a pill by right clicking >> format.


There is also more flexibility for formatting the sheet, such as fonts, shading and borders.

In the following crosstab, this can be accessed by right clicking a cell and selecting the format worksheet. The pop up on the right will then show the options for formatting: 

Have fun with these new features and improvements!

Until next time,


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