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Architecture Workshop

Architecture best practices
Scalable & secure platform
Tailored to your needs

As your use of the platform grows, scaling your installation will allow you to maintain the performance of your dashboards, and guard against any issues affecting the availability of your solution. We’ll help you understand the considerations when planning your architecture, and provide you with a plan to scale effectively.

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Content Workshop

Content best practices
Tailored for your business
Data governance ready

We will work together to understand the needs of your business and propose a tailored content structure that will support your goals. Structure your content to make it easier and faster to share insights and analyses throughout your organization. Increase the adoption of your dashboards and improve the experience of your users.  

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Performance Workshop

 Measuring performance blockers
 Applying best practices and tips
 Drastically improving speed

In this workshop, we’ll help you understand the principles underpinning dashboard performance. We’ll share strategies to improve performance, and deep-dive into some of your existing dashboards and data-sources, to identify quick-wins you can take action on.


Security Workshop

Security best practices
Tailored for your business 
Data governance ready

Make sure that your users have access to deliver the insight you need, whilst protecting your data. Lay a solid foundation for security so you can get on with making the most of your investment. In this workshop we’ll share security best practices, and develop an understanding of your environment and technology, so we can help enable seamless and secure access, that works with your existing tools, and complies with any relevant policies.


Visual analytics Workshop

Understanding data principles
Selecting the right visuals
Setting a company standard

Look beyond the basic features and functions covered in Tableau Basics + Advanced training and start designing dashboards and visualizations that stick. Get your point across clearly and engage your audience better by learning techniques from a Tableau Ambassador + an Iron Viz finalist. This is a highly interactive session so come prepared to give your opinion and build your own dashboards in Tableau.


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