Migrating content from your on-premise deployment to cloud can be a cumbersome task. With our years of experience in hundreds of deployments we've developed a Swiss Army Knife solution to migrate to Tableau Cloud faster and easier. A solution that helped Veygo move to Tableau Cloud in a matter of days... not weeks.

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United Kingdom

About Veygo

Veygo aims to be the best short term motor insurer in the UK. Veygo is part of the Admiral group and is dedicated to giving people the opportunity to take control of their own journey.

Whether you’re learning to drive, or you’ve passed your test but don't own a car, Veygo is there to help you get behind the wheel whenever you want.

Tableau cloud migration

Data & Tableau at Veygo

Data has always played an important role for Veygo. The analysis and presentation of data through Tableau drives different areas of the business, including marketing, pricing, product design, finance, and customer operations.

As a business, Veygo is looking to spend more time analysing data and gathering insights, rather than managing the infrastructure. They had been using Tableau Server for a while - until the decision was made to move to Tableau Cloud. Moving to the online space is a better fit with the overall data and IT strategy whilst supporting both security and data access convenience for Veygo employees.

We have been impressed with the speed, efficiency and accuracy of the TabMove transfer. Working with Timothy was a pleasure, he was knowledgeable, approachable and focused on reducing workload for Veygo as a part of the transfer which allowed us to focus on analysis to support the business.

Moving to Tableau Cloud with TabMove

To facilitate the move of Tableau content to Tableau Cloud, TabMove was used for two main reasons;

1. There was a reduced workload for the data team in Veygo, saving 6 weeks of work and allowing them to focus on data analysis and providing insights that drive the sustainable growth of the business.

2. Speed of transfer. Migrating to Tableau Cloud is a process that would have taken 6 weeks internally, but only took a few days with TabMove.

The speed, efficiency and accuracy of the TabMove transfer was what really impressed Veygo. A process that would have taken over a month to complete, was completed in a matter of days. Working together with Biztory and Timothy, Lead Developer of TabMove & BiztoryWorks, allowed Veygo to reduce their workload and focus on analysis to support the business.


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