Virtual TC22 top sessions from Biztory’s Tableau Visionaries.


The Tableau Conference is always an annual highlight for anyone involved in Tableau, and this year we’ve only had to wait 6 months since the last one. For the first time Tableau are hosting a hybrid conference; an in person event in Las Vegas combined with virtual sessions you can watch from the comfort of your armchair, so register here!

Two of our Biztorians, Donna & Sam, are lucky enough to be jetting off to Vegas to attend the in person event, but before they leave, we asked them to give us their top tips on which virtual sessions those left behind should look out for.


Keynotes & Iron Viz

It goes without saying that if you have limited time, then the Opening Keynote is one not to miss. Hearing how Tableau is developing and evolving from the top Tableau people is always uplifting, and this year the keynote includes ‘Devs on Stage’ where you get to see hands on demos of the new and upcoming features. It’s always the most highly anticipated session and gets a great reception from the audience. The guest speaker Keynotes are also incredibly inspiring and if you want to be amazed at how some people can use Tableau at speed and under pressure, then Iron Viz is the one for you!


Back to Viz Basics

There are a number of Community-led initiatives to help people develop their Tableau skills. Back to Viz Basics is relatively new on the scene compared to some. Even though she’s been using Tableau for 10 years and is a Tableau Visionary, Donna has recently started engaging in this project to help develop her personal dashboarding style. 

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Tableau Speed Tips Basics and Advanced

However long you’ve been using Tableau, there is always something to learn from these. Even if you’re an advanced user, there’s sometimes beginner tips you weren’t aware of! Watch the sessions, then re-watch them again when published so you can pause at the key moments.

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Lovelytics Five Step Guide to Building Efficient Dashboards

We all aim to build beautiful and efficient business dashboards, but sometimes they don’t all hit the mark. The Lovelytics crew have a wealth of experience when it comes to Tableau, and there’s bound to be some great ideas within this session to help you level up.

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Build Accessible Dashboards

Understanding how to make the dashboards you build accessible to all users is becoming increasingly important. This session will help you learn what you need to be considering when building your visualisations and introduce a methodology you can apply to your work, to ensure accessibility is at the forefront of your design.

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The Tableau Community is an incredibly special place and has played a big role in our Tableau careers. The community has grown extensively over the years and knowing where to start and how to get involved can be quite daunting. If you’re interested in joining the #DataFam, then this session will help you on your way.

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Donna and Sam will be attending the In-Person Tableau Conference, so keep an eye out on our blog for their TC22 round-up, with the knowledge that some of the In-Person Only sessions are due to feature in upcoming virtual Tableau User Groups. You can register for the Tableau Conference here.

Donna Coles

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