Since joining Biztory over 2.5 years ago, one this is wholly apparent. The whole team cares about our customers, making sure they deliver to the absolute best of their ability and often exceed our customer's expectations. That hunger to serve others delights those organisations and people that we work with, but it doesn't happen by accident. We look after each other at Biztory, so that every Biztorian is well equipped to look after our client's needs.

The people make Biztory! It's a culture of support and collaboration, pushing us on but having the reassurance of the full weight of Biztory behind me for anything I can't work out myself is reassuring. And the dedication to growth not only as a company, but as individuals and for our clients, that form part of that collective!

"How do we look after you by looking after each other?" I hear you ask!

When we hire a new member of our team, we build a tailored onboarding plan. Outside the usual tech/software setup, that plan focusses on what the individual wants and needs to be a success. We go through their role as it is today, and where we see them going in the next 3, 6 and 12 months, and sometimes beyond that. We offer opportunities to shadow some of the existing team delighting customers, showing the Biztory way of working, and we give guidance and support to make sure everyone is prepared to deliver for our customers.


Talent Development at the center

Probably the largest part of that is Talent Development. At Biztory, we love seeing how we can help every single team member grow. At the time of writing this blog, we have 14 different tracks available to follow, from our core Analytics work with Tableau Desktop, to Data Engineering with Snowflake, and even some that are not technical such as Consulting and Education - learning how to become a trainer.

Each track has been carefully structured, to allow the team to follow along through learning materials and measurements for progress - with the support of a track lead to guide towards success. 


Beyond talent development: personal development

It is one thing having the learning material and platform available, but we are truly passionate about growth of our team, helping individuals reach their potential at a comfortable pace that is supported by other team members. We actively promote professional development time, it is one of my responsibilities as a leader of the Talent Development programme at Biztory, to ensure each and every consultant is getting the development time and opportunities they need to further their learning for themselves, and for our customers. 

We are lucky to have some amazing people here at Biztory. We are currently are the most certified Tableau Partner in EMEA (possibly the world!), we won Tableau EMEA Partner of the Year, Fivetran EMEA SI Partner of the year, 2 Tableau Iron Viz Finalists, and 1 Tableau Iron Viz winner, 2 Tableau Visionaries, 1 Tableau Ambassador and there have been many other awards gained over the years. 

These awesome individuals are always looking for ways to better themselves for our customers, but they give up their time for each other to learn internally. We know that together we are stronger and there is always something to learn from others in our team. 


What does our team say?

Why is this important? I can ramble on about how it gives value to our brilliant customers, but it also keeps our team excited about being part of the Biztory family. Let's hear what they have to say about it:

"With the pace of change in the industry and the need to grow professionally it can be overwhelming to know where to start. Tal Dev offers a structured, yet flexible, path toward mastery of the technical and soft skills required to succeed as a consultant.
Developed and curated by subject matter experts (that is you track leads) Tal Dev offers an opportunity to show up as the best version of yourself on client site everyday. Don't just take my word for it—although you'd be well advised to, and take a crack at a few of the measurements yourself."
- Norman

Life Long Learner



"The Talent development structure is a space where you can gain constructive feedback and work on a measurement in particular track until you start developing or improving on the required skills.
Example: The consulting track.

Track Lead Anoop asks questions which explore the topic in hand deeper, making you think on different levels and perspectives. It won't just be about giving a presentation and asking how you would improve it, but also why you would improve it, what is the value to consultant, how does it help them achieve their goals and what have you learned from the whole experience?

Talent development is also a honest space where we can openly talk about and find things to improve on. Having the freedom to be conscious and aware about this allows us to have a positive approach towards things we could do better, which in the long term, leads to gradual and positive changes - allowing us to become better consultants."
- Armani


"One of the things which I love about Biztory is the focus on continuous and personal development. Time and budget set aside to ensure that you can develop your knowledge and experience in the areas you find the most rewarding or you need the most to be the best you can be."
- Kurt





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