Data Trends 2022 

To navigate the data chaos and make sense of a rapidly-changing landscape, Tableau spoke with experts, customers, and other Tableau leaders to learn what emerging forces continue to evolve how we work, the role data and analytics play, and what this means to the future of our customers, partners, company, and the Tableau Community. 

Let's have a quick peek at the trends that will impact your business in 2022, according to Tableau.


AI augments and empowers human expertise.

AI and AI-driven technologies have been more center stage in recent years, but this year we will see adoption and new applications advance faster than ever. These advancements are increasingly taking repetitive tasks off people's plates–and that leaves more sophisticated, creative tasks for people to learn and take on.

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Formalizing ethical data and AI use becomes imperative to organizations.

The time to take action with data ethics is here. Responsible organizations will proactively align data and AI efforts with human values. This becomes a requirement for the ethical use of data and mitigating risk. History shows that smart, ethical data-use and do-no-harm policies lead to greater innovation. 

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Competitive organizations recognize that future-proofing the workforce is more than just data skills and tools training.

The world is increasingly data-driven, creating a global demand for data skills. This leaves no person, company or country behind when it comes to understanding and working with data. Data skills will be necessary for every role, in every sector of the workforce. To meet the growing demand, data literacy will become a required curriculum for classrooms and companies. At a minimum, people will need basic data fluency and analytical skills. 

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Organizations adopt more inclusive data governance approaches to stay competitive and compliant.

The drive toward digital transformation has resulted in a data explosion–or data chaos. Organizations must have a strong governance plan in place if they are to successfully use this valuable data as a strategic asset that can help business. Early adopters who set up and embrace flexible data governance techniques will also enjoy the benefits of being compliant and competitive.

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Data Equity will emerge as a framework for improving dialogue between people and institutions.

Data is a powerful resource for change. It can broaden and deepen the reach of advocacy efforts, empower advocates and influence policies for long-term and sustainable solutions to systemic social issues. 

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There's much more to know about each data trend. That's why Tableau offers you various options to dig deeper into the matter. 

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To dive in and learn more about the thinking, research, and customer stories behind the trends, read the full 2022 Data Trends report.


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