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This has been our core message for the past few years. Transforming this vision into actions is what we try to do on a daily basis by involving our own consultants, account managers, pre-sales, and of course the most important ones, our customers.

Constantly aligning and delivering the same message between these groups of people posed to be quite the challenge. Questions like ​How do we start? What’s the best approach? What’s next?​ were answered in different ways, depending on who you spoke to. Solving this became our top priority in 2020.

Putting data at the center of every conversation​.
This one particular sentence, “​Putting data at the center of every conversation”​,​ ​became extremely important for Biztory at the end of 2019. We envision it as the perfect implementation of the newly released Tableau Blueprint approach.
The Tableau Blueprint is a methodology or roadmap on how to reach the ​perfect ​Tableau implementation within ​your​ organisation, no matter the size or the ambition with the tool. It’s much more than a roadmap, though. The Tableau Blueprint is the perfect way to speak the same language across the different people during every step of the journey and to make it tangible for everyone involved.

Guiding customers in creating this new data culture, and following the correct journey on the Tableau Blueprint became the core focus of the Biztory Customer Success program.
The main goals are:

  • Making sure that decisions are made based on data insights instead of intuition or gut feeling.
  • Involving the entire company with the intention of making everyone more data literate by showing the value of data and what it could mean for every employee in your organisation.
  • Putting data at the center of every conversation.

Reaching these goals is difficult and might sound quite scary. That’s why it can only be successful if there’s commitment and willingness to change. Executive buy-in can speed up this journey, but it’s no guarantee for success. Involvement of the CTO and the CDO are equally important to drive this company wide change.

The Tableau Blueprint
Promoting and using the Tableau Blueprint was not going to be enough to align the conversations for all people involved. It’s still too high level, still too conceptual. Providing only these ​buzzwords​, wouldn’t drive action.

The first challenge was reinventing what we actually do at Biztory. You can’t convince a customer if you’re not even aligned internally. It was crucial to incorporate our full offering, including all of our workshops, labs, training, and offerings. The second challenge was mapping all of these elements on the Tableau Blueprint and linking them to a specific Blueprint stop.

The final result looks like this:

Biztory Blueprint - Services

Our goal is to guide the customer through the Tableau Blueprint and help them reach their internal goals. This whole process is supported by the Customer Success Manager. If they want to accelerate, they can quickly see all of our skills and offerings per Blueprint stop. Thanks to this we can make the bridge between the customer, the Customer Success Manager, and all the people involved in the project to really make it ​successful​.

Everyone is aware and involved.

Matthias Goossens

Matthias Goossens

Director of Operations at Biztory.

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