Our customers and partners are at the heart and soul of Biztory. About two years ago, we decided to partner up with Fivetran as part of our solutions for building a modern data stack infrastructure for our customers.

Last year, Biztory was named Fivetran’s EMEA Partner of the Year 2021 during the first year of our intensive partnership. This year, we managed to win this award for the second time in a row. Mind blown!

Biztory is Fivetran EMEA Partner of the Year 2022

Fivetran is the easiest way to load data and allows us to effortlessly centralise all the data we need so our team can deliver better insights, faster.


“It's already our 2nd year working with Fivetran and it has been a blast again, we are humbled to receive this award for two years in a row. Fivetran is more than just a tech company, they deeply invest in people and their shared passion in the data tech world. This partnership has proven to be extremely valuable for us and we hope for many years to come with this exciting product that Fivetran has to offer.” - Geoffrey Smolder, CEO Biztory


Let’s do some time travelling: in our first years of business, Biztory was mainly a Tableau-first oriented company, striving to be the best analytics team in Europe. A couple of years ago, we decided to change that. Sure, being the best is great, but that in itself wasn’t inspiring to us. We wanted to aim higher. Instead, we realised that we wanted to help organisations grow on their data journey by bringing people closer to their data.


Fivetran is a solution that helps us do just that on a daily basis. Their focus is on analytics and not data engineering. Deploying their solution with our first customers has given us nothing but raving feedback. Their seamless connectivity to apps and databases with pre-built schemas just makes life so much easier.


Being recognized with the Fivetran EMEA Partner of the Year 2022 award is both humbling and something we’re proud of. Thank you to the whole Fivetran team, you all individually have been above and beyond for us. 


We’re aiming to score our hattrick in 2023. On to many more years!


Arend Verschueren

Arend Verschueren

Head of Marketing at Biztory

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