For years Aurora commerce, an e-commerce platform, got requests from customers to incorporate analytics capabilities into the platform to have direct access insights on eCommerce performance. Thanks to embedded analytics from Tableau they had a swift go-to market. 


United Kingdom

Aurora Commerce

Born and developed in the UK - the world’s most sophisticated and technologically advanced digital retail market.

The Aurora platform has been in action supporting customer growth, whilst being continuously enhanced and developed by ecommerce specialists, since 2009.

The embedding analytics experts

Luke Slater, Account Manager Biztory UK: "Aurora had contacted Tableau, who referred them to Biztory as the embedding analytics experts. They would have had to spend months, even years, developing this from scratch. Instead, they've bought an off-the-shelf platform and managed to deliver this capability in a matter of months to their customers."

"We worked with them for quite a few months to test out the capabilities of Tableau and other competitors. When you're new to this, it's hard to know the differences between different platforms and compare them against their requirements. They had a very clear description and were evaluating a handful of tools at the same time. We were -although somewhat biased- an advisor that helped them make the distinction between the different platforms. Our goal was to give them a realistic view of what Tableau was able to do and what it wasn't going to do."

Up and running in under a month

"They ended up choosing Tableau. We then kicked off with a 3-day Embedded Lab Workshop to figure out the set-up and the different data we would need. They're super-capable, so they don't need us being there forever. They just needed a little push in the right direction to start with and get the insights to be self-sufficient moving forward. In three days, we created an MVP and did as much knowledge sharing as possible. A month later, they were already showing the new product to customers. So this was a fast go-to market."

A new product vision

"This collaboration changed the way they look at the further product roadmap their platform. Self-developing such an extensive platform is always a story of competing priorities: where do you invest your time developing and maintaining new features? Analytics had been on their to-do list for years, as the competitors had them, without them ever doing it. They always perceived the time, resources, and effort required to put those capabilities in their platform too big. The beauty of embedding Tableau is that Tableau is maintaining the software and working on all the innovations. They've realized that's the direction they want to move their business in with the possibility to grow their market way faster."

More revenue streams

"Aurora Commerce advertised on their website that they're now using market-leading analytics, which was received with excitement from their clientele. Moreover, it allows them to do upselling and even sell additional consultancy for more custom dashboards. Overall, a great example of the benefits of embedded analytics."

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