How TVH successfully migrated to  Tableau Cloud with TabMove.

Parts specialist TVH is a global player in the field of parts and accessories for lift trucks, industrial vehicles, construction and agricultural machinery. They operate from 90 branches across all continents and offer 47 million item numbers.

On their mission to become a truly data-driven player in the market, their overall company strategy is moving to the cloud… 

Including their entire Tableau environment.


The goal:
Becoming a true data-driven parts specialist

On their data journey to become a truly data driven parts specialist & e-commerce player, TVH collects more data than ever before. Tableau has been chosen as the enterprise-grade data insights and analytics platform.

Becoming a leading organisation in the marketplace, requires TVH to enable faster, smarter decision-making in a scalable way. A cloud-first strategy throughout the organisation is driving digital transformation on a daily basis.

With a user base of 2.500 and up to 2.000 workbooks - ranging from global management reporting to process specific data insights and ad-hoc self-serve data consumption - Tableau is used in every corner of the organisation.

Migrating to Tableau Cloud fits that overall strategy, and would ultimately accelerate TVH’s data journey towards a higher level of data maturity. 

And that’s where TabMove came in.

The Challenge:
Migrating a multisite environment to Tableau Cloud

The Challenge: Migrating a multisite environment to Tableau Cloud

Moving to Tableau Cloud would provide TVH with a trouble-free, high performing SAAS solution that automatically provides new features, ensures scalability and implements the latest security measures.

However, moving a multisite environment with 2.500 users, 450 data sources, 2.000 workbooks and a hierarchy of 250 projects is no easy job. It requires an automatic migration. 

At first, TVH considered a manual / semi-automatic migration to Tableau Cloud with the use of the Tableau Content Migration Tool but both did not pass even the simplest test.

Apart from migrating data sources and workbooks - configuration settings, users, groups, projects should be included in the migration to Tableau Cloud as well. Ideally, even subscriptions and scheduled jobs would automatically be configured on the Tableau Cloud environment too.

An additional complexity of this cloud migration was the requirement to deal with Google BigQuery and Google Sheet data sources, single-sign-on credentials, embedded Tableau credentials and migration of AD usernames to user email address (authentication).

TabMove made the impossible (manually migrating 2.000 workbooks from Tableau server to Tableau cloud) possible. It is a top migration tool, fast and reliable, and thanks to Biztory's excellent technical expertise, our migration project succeeded smoothly and in a cost and time-efficient way !

Marc Vermeulen, TVH

How TabMove helped TVH migrate to
Tableau Cloud, easier and faster

How TabMove helped TVH migrate to Tableau Cloud, easier and faster.

With a simple 4-step approach, TabMove was the only Tableau Cloud migration tool robust enough to handle the job, including the capability to deal with the complexity of Google BigQuery, Google Sheets data sources and more.

The TabMove approach starts with the migration of users, groups and projects. Then it migrates all data sources, followed by all workbooks and end with subscriptions and scheduled tasks.

During a testing period of 4 weeks, TVH & Biztory executed a series of migration runs, gradually improving migration quality - number of objects successfully migrated - to 100%. 

The actual migration took place on a Friday, was completed end-of-day, enabling the full user base to switch to the new Tableau cloud sites.

TabMove made the impossible - manually migrating 2.000 workbooks from Tableau server to Tableau cloud - possible for TVH, getting them a big step forward towards their goal of becoming truly data-driven.

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