For 15 years, Zorg-Lokaal has been supporting local municipalities to address the challenges and administration required when citizens come to them for help. Through extensive dashboarding and analysis, local municipalities are able to determine, implement and manage effective social support policies. 



About Zorg-Lokaal

Zorg-Lokaal help municipalities effectively organize the complex administrative processes surrounding the Social Support Act and the Youth Act. Generating real-time and predictive data from municipal processes and analyzing data together with municipalities, Zorg-Lokaal provides insight into the current care deployment. A guide for future policy.

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1. Zorg-Lokaal’s data goals and objectives


Responsible care starts with the basics. However the administrative processes involved in providing social support can often be inefficient or contain inaccurate information. 

Zorg-Lokaal works closely with local municipalities to help ensure the efficiency and quality of their service, by streamlining their processes and providing access to their (regional) Dashboard Social Domain. 

By offering this dynamic tool to their clients, it’s possible for the municipalities to discover complex data in an accessible way. By categorizing and benchmarking, users can dig down into the information that is most relevant for them at that moment. But it’s more than a tool for analysis, customer’s take reports as a ready-to-go overview they can share with stakeholders.


"Data is so much more than just numbers. If you start connecting the right dots, you will find the story behind the data. We at Zorg-Lokaal try to tell that story." - Lasse Himmelberg, Managing Consultant

At the start of this project, while they had a dashboard offer in place, Zorg-Lokaal were working with a custom-coded dashboard which was proving to be too labour-intensive for their teams. Their primary aim was to use Tableau to reduce the manual work required and empower their clients with powerful data insights.

2. Zorg-Lokaal’s Data Journey


Their challenge:

A lack of flexibility and ease of reporting in their existing custom coded solution.

Our solution:

Implementing Tableau across Zorg-Lokaal to enable a more flexible, reliable and easy-to-use dashboarding solution.

We realised we would need some help to start us off. We quickly found Biztory who could help us with implementation, training, and even some of the first calculations which are used in our dashboard to this day. Biztory was really the full-service provider that helped us make a running start.

Nick van Soest, Data & Security Advisor

3. Next steps on the data journey


“The last few years, we have been focusing on bringing the data, the customer, and the expertise together, and because of that, we can now pinpoint the exact challenges that our customers are facing.” - Lasse Kimmelberg, Managing Consultant


Zorg-Lokaal are now developing more technical products based on machine learning to predict healthcare costs for the municipalities and expanding their service offering.


“We seek to innovate and expand our dashboard to a wider reach within the social domain. we are currently focused on social support, but the domain has more pillars to discover.” - Lasse Kimmelberg, Managing Consultant


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